A FNG, a first time visitor, and a traveling Charlotte PAX were all there to participate in what YHC had in store. Mumblechatter started the second they saw the coupon for today….the resistance bands!

Dates: 2019-06-13

Where: vineyard

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Tiny Tat, Moldy, Doddy, Spock, Go Daddy, Silverado, Brutus, Westside, Oblong (FNG)

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Oblong

Warm-O-Rama: Light mosey around the parking lot all the way back to the flag. Circled up for:

10x Copperhead Squats
10x Merkins IC
10x Weed Pickers
OYO Sun Gods (Frontwards and Backwards)
OYO Michael Phelps

Time to use the coupons. Pretty sure I heard somewhat say, "He wants us to do, what!?"

The Thang: Partner Sprints w/ Coupon

Partner up! One partner will sprint across the parking lot (approx. 100yds) with the resistance band around their waist while their partner holds on to both ends to provide resistance. Partners switched at the far end of the parking lot so that they could enjoy the suck. That definitely got the heart rate up quick. Rinsed and repeated for a total of 3x

The Coin Toss

PAX formed up around the flag to hear the explanation. Before each exercise the PAX took a lap around the first parking island and back. Once back they performed the exercise and then 1 lucky PAX got to flip a coin. Doddy set the standard:

Heads = Rinse and repeat (run and exercise)
Tails = Move to next exercise

We started at 70 reps and worked our way down by 10 reps. The exercises were:

70 - SSH
60 - LBCs
50 - Merkins
40 - Squats
30 - BBS
20 - Carolina Dry Docks
10 - Burpees

Moral of the story:

- Our luck is terrible (Because of time, YHC set a limiter where we would move on to the next exercise after 3 repeats)
- We hit over 3.2 miles
- We never made it to the Burpees

COT: Name-o-rama, 6th man (Moldy), FNG naming (Oblong), Praises and Prayers

Prayers - Homeboy's Father in Law (Heart Surgery), Wiggum (Dealing with a loss), Dump Truck (Prayers for healthy pregnancy), Lexi (injury)
Praises - Spock is expecting baby number 3!!!

Naked Man Moleskin: It's been a long time since I was able to Q at The Vineyard and that's a great thing! You men have stepped up in a major way. New FNGs, fresh blood in the quarter Q's, and newer PAX stepping up to Q. It's been nearly a year since our launch and I'm excited to see what the future holds for the men of the Vineyard.

I appreciate each and every one of the PAX for the inspiration to continue to post, find new and inventive ways to do a beatdown, and for the bonds that have formed here. I was especially happy to end the COT this morning on a praise, such great news! Until next time, SYITG

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